about us

About us is to tell us who we are.

Let us first introduce about our website. wellcarecentre.com is a global health site for all people – diseased people, healthy people, medical professionals or learned people.

The website www.wellcarecentre.com  is a platform for all people who

  • want to upgrade their knowledge of health
  • want to improve their health
  • want information on healthy living
  • are fed up of taking bulk of medicines without any/no improvement.

Our experienced doctors team helps you to get rid of your diseases.

This site revitalize & restore ancient system of knowledge & synchronize between Ayurveda & Modern system of medicines. AYURVEDA is a 5000 year old Science of health care and herbal treatment.

We at this site are doing our best to provide health to each and every person. Our vision is of a Healthy Nation  empowered by healthy people everywhere.

Living is the right of each and every person and we are here to spread healthy living and happiness.

This site is  working indigenously for promoting health among human beings. Our quality service and dedication to our patients is what has brought us a long way both offline and online.

About us

The man behind the vision of wellcarecentre.com is Dr. Ravi Mahajan.

His name symbolizes the excellence and commitment to the health sector services. His medical expertise in AYURVEDA is commendable.

He has been serving the society with his knowledge, practice and commitment for the last 20 years.

His areas of specialization includes 

Our team of doctors treat the patient & on the philosophy that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of  cure” we help you in maintaining your health forever. We hope, rather we believe, that we can address your concerns & help you make healthy today & tomorrow & for the years to come.

We have made an effort to fulfill all the health concerned needs.

Your satisfaction is our mission. So, to ensure a healthy life, turn back to nature for natural cures. 

Take out some time to browse the website and brush up your knowledge on Ayurveda!