Prakriti Test- Know your body type

Prakriti test is an Ayurveda way of analyzing the type of your body or you can say body constitution. Vata, Pitta, Kapha.

Only when there is a change in the body’s physiological or psychological makeup does the sickness manifest. Knowing your Prakriti and the dos and don’ts linked with it makes you less susceptible to illnesses!
Use this quick Prakriti test to determine your body type. Adherence to the best diet (daily & seasonal) and routine (daily & seasonal) for oneself can then be planned properly.

Now, this Prakriti test is very useful as it gets you to know which doshas are predominant in your body. Ayurveda follows a simple line of treatment.

Avoid the cause of the disease or doshas and you cure yourself.

Ayurveda way of treating doshas is also very simple. Like, if you have Vata predominance then you have to just avoid things and work that increases Vata. Vata can be compared to air. Now, you can see for yourself that this implies dryness, roughness, light and so on.

Avoid these things and increase the intake of things having qualities of other doshas; either pitta or Kapha (whichever is less in your Prakriti test).

Prakriti test

Read the table below and choose the best option that suits you. Then write points under each dosha- Vata, pitta, kapha. Take some time and carefully tick against all the traits.

Candid confessions would give you a correct analysis of your body type. We have tried to make this Prakriti test as simple as possible for your convenience. But this doesn’t mean that the originality is disturbed.

Body frameThinMediumHefty
FingernailsCracking, dry & thinPink, soft, mediumWide, white, thick
HairThin, dry, brittleGrey, bald, straightSilk, smooth, thick
WeightLow & bony
Difficulty in putting weight
Medium & muscular
Can gain & lose weight easily
Often over-weight
Difficult to lose weight
Bowel movementsSmall, hard, gas frequently, constipatedLoose & burningModerate & solid
Bone structureLight, small bones; prominent jointsMedium bone structureLarge, broad shoulders
Forehead sizeSmallMediumLarge
Hair colourDull, black, brownRed, light brown, yellowbrown
Texture of skinDry, pigmented, agedFreckles, moles, redness/rashes, acneSoft, glowing, youthful
Shape of faceLong, thin, angularHeart-shaped, pointed chinLarge, round, full
ComplexionDark, tans easilyFair skin, sunburns easilyWhite, pale, tans evenly
EyesSmall, dry, unsteadyRed/green/cat’s eyeWide, white
Blinking of eyesexcessivemoderateMore or less stable
EyelashesSmall, dryThin, fewMore firm, long, oily
CheeksWrinkled, sunkenSmall, flatRounded, plump
LipsCracked, thin,
Medium, softLarge, smooth
Teeth &
Irregular, protruding teeth, receding gumsMedium-sized teeth, reddish gumsBig, white, strong teeth, heavy gums
SkindryCherished, wrinkledOily, smooth
NoseCracked, narrow, smallPointed, averageRound, large, open nostrils
VoiceWeak, stammeringCommanding, sharpSoft, sweet, resonating
AppetiteIrregularStrong, sharpConstant, poor
ThirstHigh, non-persistentHigh, persistentscanty
JointsUnstable, noise on movementLoose, moderately hiddenFirm, compact, concealed, strong
FootUnstable, rough, crackedreddishNothing specific
Food habitsEats much & swiftlyExcessive hunger eats muchEats slowly, less hunger
Groups of taste desiredSweet, salt, sourSweet, bitter, astringentPungent, bitter, astringent
FriendshipFew, unsteadydependableStable
Lifestyle orientationFashion orientedBusiness-orientedFamily-oriented
TemperamentNervous, fearfulIrritable, impatientEasy going
SpeechQuick, unclear, talkativePrecise, arguesSlow, monotonous
Sleep patternLess, disturbedmoderateSleepy, lazy
MemoryGrasps quickly, forgets easilySharp & clearSlow to learn, never forgets
BeliefsRadical, changingLeader, goal-orientedLoyal, constant
Sexual driveRomantic, quick to releaseStrong, active, intenseSlow, tender, passionate
EmotionsEnthusiastic, full of worriesWarm, angryCalm, attached
MindQuick, adaptablePenetrating, criticalSlow, lethargic
DreamsFlying, anxiousColourful, fightingFew, romantic
Which bothers you mostCold, dryHeat, sunCold, damp
Prakriti Test — Know your body constitution
  1. You are allergic to any food—-Yes   or   No
  2. You are—– vegetarian or   non-vegetarian  or    both

Give one point to each trait. Now, count your points.

The trait with the maximum number of points is your main Prakriti and the second one in line is your adjoining Prakriti. So, you may be…


If you are not able to make out what should be your routine and diet according to your Prakriti; you may contact us and we may plan your individualized diet and lifestyle chart.