Healthy Aging

Healthy aging implies to age gracefully with less dependence on others.

Senior citizens are a nation’s most valuable natural resources and treasures. They have actually invested years in living and shaping the world they now personally inhabit.

But aging changes body and mind. And this is a  fact that if a person is healthy in mind and body then aging merely becomes the state of the mind.

So, It is up to each senior citizen to maintain one’s health with a proper nutritious diet and physical exercise. The goal of healthy aging is that one should learn to be physically and mentally active.

Healthy aging tips

  1. Morning walk-
  • energizes
  • awakens
  • relax the mind
  • gives fresh oxygen
  • provide quality time to spend with the beauty around and many people walking  who may become friends also.
  • Walking makes you think and act rationally.
  • It tones up stomach and improves digestion system.
  • It activates the brain and enhances

Morning walk increases your chances of living a healthy and happy life and allows healthy aging.

2. Manage your money post-retirement-

  • Remember that this money has to last the rest of your life – which may be 10, 20, even 30 years.
  • Before making any donation, review the charity’s rating and the impact of a donation on your budget.
  • Market is full of frauds and lies. Beware of the shady advisers. 
  • Set up regular withdrawals from investment account
  • If possible, spend only the interest and dividends earned each month

These help to have enough money in hand. Then you can use these savings for emergencies or for a healthy aging.

  • Check where you invest your money.
  • Do not renew memberships in organizations in which you’re no longer active.
  • If you have an idea to redecorate or remodel, work out the details before you start anything. Get estimates for a specific amount of work and stick to that plan only.
  • Once you’ve retired, stick to your budget. This may be hard for some people to do. It’s okay to spend on what you have always wanted to do post-retirement; exercise some restraint, too.
  • Go online to find senior discounts, early bird dinner specials or other money saving deals.

Seniors Health

It is important to know the difference between the aging process and the symptoms of a disease. After 60, the main priorities should be health, physical activity and relaxation, family, friends and financial comfort.

Parkinson's Disease tips

Tremors are the most distressing symptom in Parkinson’s disease. Follow these dietary advices to reduce that stress

  • Carrot and Spinach Juice daily
  • Beet, radish, garlic, and cucumber daily
  • Seasonal raw fruit and vegetables
  • Sprouted grains
  • Raw seeds ( sunflower and pumpkin)
  • Restrict protein intake to  10-12 % of  daily calories
  • Ayurvedic medicines