Mudra is a gesture or position, usually of the hands, that locks and guides energy flow and reflexes to the brain. The World Health Organisation defines good health as:


Mudra attain this goal in a simple and easy way. Mudras are natures way of healing, as intended by nature and therefore, the mandates of nature are to be followed. These are no instant pills, which do give temporary relief but harm in the long run. While some Mudras do give instant relief, but for permanent and long term gains they should be done with sincerity and belief. The gains from all Yogic procedures are permanent and achieved without interfering with the natural working of the body mind or spirit.

AN  INSIGHT–                           

All living bodies are made of 5 distinct elements :

The 5 fingers of the hands represent these 5 elements :  

The Thumb :symbolises  the Fire

The Forefinger: symbolises the Wind

The Middle finger: symbolises   the Sky

The Ring finger : symbolises  the Earth

The Little or small finger : symbolises  the Water


The finger tips of every living being have many concentrated nerve root endings which are free energy discharge points. Science also confirms that around every tip there is a concentration of free electrons.

By touching together tips of the fingers or the finger tips to other parts of the palms this free energy (Prana) is redirected back into the body along specified channels, back up to the brain.

The redirected energy traveling through the nerves stimulates the various chakras.

Keeping the hands on the knees stimulates the Gupta Nari and makes the energy start from the Mooladhara Chakra. Thus, the tension applied to the nerve/s and/or the neural or psycho-neural circuits formed by the mudras help in balancing the five basic elements (or building blocks). This balancing of the tension, and redirection of the internal energy effects the changes in veins, tendons, glands and sensory organs, to bring the body back to a healthy state. Keeping specified nerves stretched for specified periods tones up  the nervous system. The fingers of each hand are held folded in certain specific postures and this provides the required tension on the nerves.

The fingers of each and every individual in the world are different in their shapes and sizes. These are determined and provided by nature as a tool to bring the nerves into prime condition when affected adversely. Thus, they provide a different ‘end tension’ on the nerves when different individuals fold their fingers or the same individual folds the fingers by different methods in different Mudras.

This is exactly the tension required by that individual for that particular application. Nature has already bestowed us with the tools to be used to keep us healthy.

The advantage in Mudras is that the pressure to be applied on the nerves is automatic and controlled by the shape and size of the fingers and not by external agencies.

Because the Mudras work on the nerves, they are a NEURAL SCIENCE  

Mudra is an exact and scientific yogic function by which one can develop or even change, one’s internal and external dispositions viz.

Mental (anger, emotional disturbance, intelligence etc.),

Spiritual (concentration, meditation) or

Physical (in various diseases, illnesses).

  • Mudras can bring miraculous mental, spiritual and physical changes and improvements in our body
  • They help in quickly balancing the elements of the body.
  •  Mudras effect changes in veins, tendons, glands and sense organs.
  • Mudras need no prior preparation. They can be done (mostly but with exceptions) at any time, anywhere and under virtually any circumstances.
  • They are like literal remote control switches bringing quick and effective changes.
  • They help bring about permanent changes.
  • A constant practice of Mudras can stop or slow down the destructive changes in the human body. It can help develop a virtuous, socially amiable, non-violent, pious and courteous disposition.
  • Some of the Mudras can balance the elements of the body within 45 minutes; some react within a few seconds on the human body.

Let’s know about some really beneficial MUDRA.

  1. Prana Mudra – Yoga Mudra for Life Energy
  2. Gyan Mudra – Yoga Mudra for Mind
  3. Surya Mudra – Yoga Mudra for Weight loss
  4. Vayu MudraYoga Mudra for Pain Relief
  5. Varun Mudra – Yoga Mudra for Beauty

First one is Pran Mudra. 

Let’s read more about Pran Mudra.