Senile Vaginitis

Occurs in women few years after menopause.


  •  Lack of oestrogen.

As a result of oestrogen deficiency, the vaginal epithelium become thin and atrophic. The glycogen content and acidity of the vagina is lowered. Hence the local resistance to infection is reduced.

  • Injury from a neglected pessary
  • Diabetes

Symptoms and signs—

  • Purulent, offensive, slightly blood- tinged vaginal discharge
  • Soreness
  • Inflamed, tender vagina with excoriated skin
  • Frequency
  • Dysuria
  • Low grade chronic urethritis
  • Patchy, granular vaginitis(these red spots may bleed on touching)
  • Infection may move upwards(senile endometrium, pyometra)


  • Speculum examination
  • Vaginal cytology
  • Diagnostic curettage
  • Biopsy of cervix


Oestrogen therapy

  • Oral
  • Pessary

  • Vaginal cream

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