Daily Routine

#Ayurveda is a MIRACLE science. Only you are unaware of it.

“You will never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.”
            John C. Maxwell 

Wellcarecentre.com is committed to your welfare by providing secrets of health from age’s old science — Ayurveda.
 All you have to do is follow the steps as it is & feel the difference in you.

The first step in the series is your DAILY ROUTINE which in Ayurveda is called DINCHARYA

Dincharya or daily routine

Wake up early in the morning

The best time is before sunrise. But keep in mind if you feel some discomfort in your abdomen, keep asleep for some more time. You will stay from bad breath, constipation, laziness & many eye disorders.

Empty your colon & bladder

if you urge to. But if you don’t, do not strain. Eliminating body wastes peacefully kicks off headaches, rhinitis, piles, and anal pain/prolapse.

Gargle twice a day

with water. Rinse thoroughly without spilling water or speaking. This is best for oral health and strengthens teeth, gums & jaw.

Clean your teeth

using neem sticks/liquorice/cardamom root sticks/banyan/babul sticks.

Here is a time-tested powder formula for your teeth.

Take powders of —

embolic myrobalan, chebulic myrobalan, belliric myrobalan, ginger, black pepper, piper longum and cinnamon.
Alternatively, you can use Pntanjali’s Dantkanti paste. It is really effective.

Mix them thoroughly and add honey. Rub this powder on your teeth twice a day or you can also use it after every meal. Rinse out very well. This will keep away all sorts of dental problems. Then splash water on your eyes. Eyesight will remain stable—this is a fact.

  • Gently scrape your tongue from back to forward.

This will clear off dead skin & dryness of the tongue.

  • After washing your face, offer prayer
    to your God/Guru and elders at home. You will be filled with immense energy, positive feelings and enthusiasm.
  • Put 1-3 drops of lukewarm ghee/oil into each nostril.
    This clears the sinuses and improves voice. Ageing is also reversed by this simple step. Fill mouth with water/medicated oil. This clears the tongue and never lets the lips dry or crack.
  • Apply oil over the scalp, body, ears & soles.

Gentle massaging of the scalp prevents baldness & greying of hairs. Oiling soles improve sleep.

  • Do some regular exercises.
    Regular 5 minutes of exercise decreases fat, increases activity & strengthens joints. Exercise daily to half of your capacity which is until you sweat out.

Walking is the best exercise. After physical exercises, do some breathing exercises or yogasanas.

  • Apply face & body packs
    to enhance beauty. It destroys dead skin & relieves itching.

A simple pack is wheat flour mixed with curd.

12. Next, bath;
with cold water on the head & eyes, and hot water below the waist.

Bathing brings energy to the body, clarity to the mind & holiness to life.

  • Now the time is for diet.
    Never miss breakfast. Lunch should be the major diet.

Your diet should be according to your capacity, hot & well cooked, carefully planned & prakriti oriented.

Our body reflects our diet. Our mind is the mirror of our body. Eat keeping 1/4th of your stomach empty.

  • After dinner, it is time to relax.

Spend some quality time with your family. Calm yourself with light music/reading. Then take a sound sleep.  

 Plan your Dincharya i.e. Daily Routine according to your body type and stay healthy.

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