Spondylosis, or spinal arthritis means general wear and tear in the joints and bones of the spine on aging. Cervical spondylosis refers to these age-related changes that occur in the neck (the cervical spine). Changes of spondylosis can be found in 15% of people in their twenties and 85% of all patients over the age of 60.

Signs And Symptoms

  1. Difficulty in walking
  2. Limited ability to bend the head toward the shoulder and rotate the head.
  3. Loss of co-ordination
  4. Loss of feeling in hands and legs                       
  5. Pain in the neck that may spread to the shoulders and the base of the skull.
  6. Pins and needles type pain
  7. Reflexes are often reduced
  8. Stiffness in neck
  9. Weakness or loss of sensation


  1. Degeneration of the cervical spine, including the cervical disks and the joints between the bones of the cervical spine
  2. Aging. By age 60, most women and men show signs of cervical spondylosis on x-ray.
  3. Previous neck injury
  4. Severe arthritis
  5. Previous spine surgery 


  • CT scan
  • Spine MRI
  • Spinal X-ray
  • Neck X-ray
  • EMG
  • Myelogram 


Ayurvedic Medicines


           Surgery is done to relieve the pressure on the nerves or the spinal cord.

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